“Lean Into DevOps: A 10-Minute Kickstart to Better, Faster Software Development”

Supercharge your software development with DevOps! Join us in our latest 10-minute sampler course. We demystify the Three Ways of DevOps, rooted in Lean IT Software production principles. Free for a limited time.


Reimagine DevOps as more than just an engineering practice.

Our comprehensive approach reveals how DevOps seamlessly integrates into the entire software development lifecycle. At the core of our discussion lies the Three Ways of DevOps: Flow, Feedback, and Continuous Learning.

In this short course segment, we kick off by examining the 1st way – ‘Flow’, drawing inspiration from the Lean principle of Systems thinking. As we progress, you’ll witness how each element we explore builds upon the previous one.

Uncover the significance of the ‘leaky barrel’ metaphor and grasp why it’s crucial to address the underlying constraints first. Our objective is straightforward but critical: enhance both Flow and Quality simultaneously.

Embracing the DevOps mantra that “Improving daily work is more important than performing daily work,” we demonstrate how this aspiration can become a reality with the right commitment. In an Agile environment where principles interconnect, we guide you step-by-step.

We also share essential practices that accelerate Flow, including visualizing work, limiting work-in-progress, reducing batch sizes, and optimizing team hand-offs.

The result? A crystal-clear comprehension of how to translate the concept of ‘Flow’ into tangible results. Our purpose is to equip you with the skills to navigate these principles effectively. Watch your projects seamlessly flow with enhanced quality and velocity, embracing the ethos of “Better, Faster” software development.

Are you ready to revolutionize your software development process? Take a transformative step by exploring our Visionate Academy Short video. Remember, it’s not solely about speed but also about delivering excellent quality. Watch now and embark on your journey towards mastering DevOps!

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